For Patients

StoreGene provides you with the most thorough, up-to-date analysis of your genomic data, across all disease specialisms. 

Once you’ve had your whole genome sequenced, you have access to this wealth of genetic information for life. As our understanding of genetics evolves, you won’t need to re-sequence to benefit from new discoveries.

Take Control of your Health

Whole genome analysis puts you in control of your health journey, allowing you to make proactive decisions based on a deeper understanding of your genetic makeup. Having a comprehensive view of your genetics can provide peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken proactive steps to understand and manage your health.

Personalized Health Insights

Whole genome analysis provides a unique and comprehensive view of your genetic makeup, offering personalized insights into your health, disease risk, and potential responses to medications. Feel empowered to make informed decisions with your clinician about your lifestyle, preventive measures, and healthcare choices.

Medication Optimization

99.7% of the population carries a variant which could lead to an adverse drug reaction and yet medications are still prescribed to individuals on a one-size-fits all basis.  By sequencing your genome your clinician can inform medication choices and dosages based on your genetic profile, reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions and improving treatment efficacy.

Disease Identification and Early Detection

Whole genome analysis can uncover the genetic basis of rare and undiagnosed diseases, potentially providing answers and relief to those who have been struggling with mysterious health issues. In addition to this, detecting genetic predispositions to certain diseases, allows for early intervention and preventive measures. Early detection often leads to more effective treatment and improved health outcomes. The information obtained can be valuable for your family’s health as well. It can help identify inherited conditions and provide insights for genetic counseling and family planning.

Health and Wellness Guidance

In addition to medical insights, we can also offer guidance on nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices that are personalized to your genetic makeup, helping you optimize your well-being. As with everything else, as new discoveries are made, we can test you without the need for re-sequencing.

Book an appointment with one of our incredible clinicians

We’ve partnered with some of the leading genetic clinicians in the UK to go through your results with you. Once your analysis is complete, we’ll share the reports with your clinician and send you a notification to schedule an appointment.

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We collect consent

We aim to keep you informed every step of the way. To start the process we will collect a consent form to sequence and store your genome. You can withdraw your consent and manage your preferences at any time.

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Sequenced. Stored. Managed.

Your sample is sent to an ISO-accredited laboratory in the UK and whole genome sequence data is available on StoreGene’s CGOS platform in less than 4 weeks. You and your clinician can now manage your genome data to access personalised reports which are unique to your genome.

No decision without you

Before ordering a test or running a template, your doctor will ask for your consent. Ask any questions you may have along the way (as this can be quite complex stuff!) – your clinician can offer insight and support every step of the way.