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StoreGene Testing: How It Works

StoreGene provides physicians with a robust diagnostic aid that allows them to make a more informed diagnosis. We offer a professional cardiovascular testing service with swift turn around times while being competitively priced.

Saliva or blood samples are taken by the physician, along with basic client information, and sent securely to StoreGene. The client's DNA is then extracted from the samples and is tested for specific genetic markers. The genetic test results and client information are then entered into StoreGene's unique algorithm.

From the algorithm output a personalised client report is produced highlighting the client's 10-year cardiovascular risk profile. The report also provides the physician with an advisory tailored treatment program for the client. The report is sent confidentially to the physician for his consideration in consultation with the client.

"To maximise the true value of the information available about our health, we need to bring together genomic, clinical and diagnostic, medicines, and lifestyle data. It is the integration and analysis of this information that forms the powerhouse for personalised medicine."

- NHS England, 'Improving Outcomes Through Personalised Medicine.'

The Benefits of StoreGene Testing

A Physician to Client relationship that offers clients a professional and confidential environment in which the testing process and results can be explained in full with any queries addressed in person.
Peace of Mind knowing that a more complete body of client information is available for consideration by the physician during the consultation.
State of the Art Technology is used to probe a client's DNA and detect the presence of specific genetic markers which can impact their overall cardiovascular risk score.
Expert Analysis of each client's cardiovascular risk profile resulting in the production of a detailed, client-specific report to aid physicians in the treatment management and care of their clients.

StoreGene is a leader in the field of cardiovascular genetic risk profiling. Our chief scientist, Prof. Steve Humphries, has been on the forefront of cardiovascular genetics research for over 30 years. He was a leading figure in the development of a genetic screening test for the cardiovascular disease Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). 


He also led the development of the StoreGene cardiovascular risk profile algorithm which combines both conventional and genetic client information to produce a more accurate risk assessment. Each personalised cardiovascular risk report is reviewed by our clinical expert before being sent to the consulting physician.

"It is important that clinicians have access to the most accurate risk information about a patient so that they can help the patient to make better-informed decisions about managing their future health."

- Professor Steve Humphries, BHF Chair of Cardiovascular Genetics

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