One Test.
Infinite Insights.

An ever-growing library of report templates can be applied to whole genome data for a whole life. This provides infinite reports from one saliva sample.

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The Future of
Precision Medicine

StoreGene accelerates the translation of genomic research, personalising every aspect of our clinical healthcare

The Network

StoreGene’s Genome-Wide Intelligence System (G-WIS) acts as a collaboration platform for genomicists, clinicians and pharmaceutical industry. This began at University College London to translate global leading research from the Cardiovascular Genetics Institute and is growing to include experts in their respective fields. The network creates values for members in the following ways:


Instant personalised insights for your patients

Patients’ genome data can be managed to apply validated analysis templates at the click of a button. The library of disease areas covered is ever growing, enabling infinite personalised reports per patient. 

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Instant personalised insights for you

StoreGene’s Genome-Wide Intelligence System (G-WIS) enables you, with your clinician, to access personalised healthcare that is tailored to you. We do this by analysing your genome.

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Rapidly translate research and measure impact

StoreGene’s Genome-Wide Intelligence System (G-WIS) is designed to translate genetic research into clinical practice. We support rapid validation of research work into clinical use through a report validation process which can be seen here:

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Build stratified patient cohorts

Securely transfer and store genomic data to support research via research templates which can be applied to selected cohorts.

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Data security is at the core of StoreGene’s vision of providing infinite insights from one test. StoreGene manages sensitive data at a high level of security using an ISO 27001 accredited platform. 

For more details please view our Privacy Policy, Data Protection and IT Security Policy

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