One test.
Infinite insights.

Integrating the most personal data set we all have, our Genome, into clinical decision support from prevention through to treatment for your entire lifetime.


Affordable, accessible & actionable genomics

As our understanding of genetics and the significance of non-coding regions evolves, there is no need to re-sequence to capture newly discovered variants or genes. A single sample today has the potential to provide insights throughout an individual’s entire lifetime.


The power of reanalysis

In the last 3 years alone, researchers have identified over 70,000 new pathogenic variants. With approximately 60 new disease-causing variants being discovered daily, reanalysis is a vital part of clinical care. The beauty of StoreGene is that there is no need to order another test, and no additional sample is required. Simply specify your area of analysis and we’ll take care of the rest


Utilising the Whole Genome

At StoreGene, we analyse whole genome data. Our incredible bioinformatic pipelines allow you to surface variants from all regions of the genome, and our simple reanalysis process allows you to use the most up-to-date clinical research to inform your decision-making. 


The most comprehensive Cardiovascular Genetics Package on the market

Our comprehensive cardiovascular genetic health package contains the most cutting-edge whole genome analysis from prevention through to treatment.

Patient listening to Doctor


Instant personalised insights for your patient

StoreGene’s Clinical Genomic Operating System (CGOS) enables you to tailor treatment for your patient. Our ever-expanding library of the most up-to-date genetic tests can be applied to your patient’s genomic data throughout their lifetime, and reanalysis is simple, fast and affordable.


Take control of your genome data

StoreGene’s Clinical Genomic Operating System (CGOS) enables you, with your clinician, to access personalised healthcare that is tailored specifically to you. Our ever-expanding library of the most up-to-date genetic tests can be applied to your genomic data throughout your lifetime.



Data security is at the core of StoreGene’s vision of providing infinite insights from one test. StoreGene manages sensitive data at a high level of security using an ISO 27001 accredited platform. 

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