For Clinicians

StoreGene’s Clinical Genomic Operating System makes it faster, cheaper and easier to apply whole genome data into actionable clinical insights

Always Clinician-led 

We believe that no individual should be presented with a genetic report without being provided with clinical guidance and context. Our reports are always shared with the clinician first, and released to the patient after consultation.

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Rapid Turnaround Time

From sample extraction to analysis and finished report, our Whole Genome Sequencing process can be carried out in just 30 days. For reanalysis, this is reduced to just 7 days.

Increased Diagnostic Yield

Over a large number of studies, the diagnostic yield attained by WES ranges between 25 and 50%, while the WGS diagnostic yield is about 40–60%.

Medication management

99.7% of people have a genetic variation which alters how they metabolise common medications. By using pharmacogenomic data you can reduce adverse drug reactions by 30%.

Reanalysis Simplified

In the last 3 years, over 70,000 new pathogenic variants have been identified on the ClinVar database.

To put that in perspective, that is approximately 60 new pathogenic variants each day. An analysis that was carried out last week, could already be out of date. The beauty of StoreGene is that reanalysis is cheap, simple and fast. There is no need to order another test, and no additional sample is required. Simply specify your area of analysis and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Available Packages

Comprehensive Heart Health 

A world-leading comprehensive genetic heart health assessment containing 5 tests

Hereditary Cancer 

5-10% of all cancers are hereditary. Identifying a genetic predisposition to certain cancer can help with screening and early diagnosis.

Genome Screening 

Insights in to 81 genes associated with actionable conditions and a full medication response assessment

How it works

Patient graphic

Register Patient

Simply and securely register a patient using either an NHS number, or  Surname, Hospital number, DOB, and sex at birth. Existing patients can easily be reselected.  

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Upload Clinical Notes

Securely upload clinical notes, and we will use natural language processing to extract HPO terms and make recommendations for areas of analysis. 

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Choose Analysis

We give you complete control over your analysis. You can choose and combine panels, add individual genes, and request specific areas of interest. We use the most up-to-date clinical databases to surface pathogenic/likely pathogenic variants across all regions of the genome

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Simple Consent Process

We aim to keep your patient informed every step of the way, to start the process we will collect a consent form to sequence and store their genome. We offer 100% transparency and give them the ability to manage their own consent and preferences at any time.

How to order

For information about our registration process and prices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our friendly team will get back to you shortly.