For Clinicians

StoreGene’s G-WIS platform equips anyone involved in patient care e.g. doctors and nurses, with cutting-edge genetic reports in a matter of minutes.

The platform operates on an increasing number of different reports across different diseases. It helps you support your patients, from advising them on how to reduce their risk of developing disease, to learning the likelihood that a medication will lead to an adverse reaction.

Furthermore, a validated customised template report can be quickly made for you within 10 days. We provide both clinical grade whole genome sequencing from ISO accredited laboratories and  enable upload of patient genome data.

Register Your Patient

Simply enter patient registration data to the Genome-Wide Intelligence System (G-WIS) to create a patient profile where you see information about the patient’s genome, conventional data, and can run templates and view reports.

Patient graphic

We Sequence Genome

The saliva sample is sent to an ISO accredited laboratory in the UK and  whole genome sequence data is available on StoreGene’s G-WIS platform in less than 4 weeks.

Sequence Genome Graphic
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We Store Data

Whole genome data is checked, mapped and backed-up in the secure cloud. This maximises security and protects sensitive data.

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Additional Tests

As new templates are added to the library these can be applied to your patient at the click of a button, without any need for additional samples or laboratory tests. This is rapid, infinite precision medicine in practice.