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Our Mission

StoreGene specialises in assessing an individual's 10-year risk of developing a range of cardiovascular diseases. Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of clients by increasing the amount of relevant medical data available to their consulting physician. We strive to achieve this goal by providing a low-cost, genetic-based cardiovascular risk profiling service through physician consultation. We utilise the powerful tool of genetic testing to improve the accuracy of traditional cardiovascular risk profiling. This provides consulting physicians with enhanced client data, enabling a more comprehensive assessment on which to base a suitable intervention.   


StoreGene Team Members

Steve Humphries (Chief Scientist)

Steve is a world-renowned expert in cardiovascular genetics with over 30 years' experience. The major goal of his research programme over the last 30 years has been to identify the genetic factors that contribute to risk of developing CHD. Much of his work has been in applying genetics in population-based studies, bridging genetics and epidemiology.

Dan Brown (Chairman)

A successful serial entrepreneur, Dan first founded a computer software business at the age of 13, which he ran for five years. He is an Executive Director of MegaNexus Ltd and founder of UCL Angels. He is the inventor of a range of patents, author of several books and over thirty papers and Entrepreneur in Residence at University College London.

Jasmina Merdanovic (CIO)

Jasmina has an extensive experience of developing systems for managing sensitive data across secure mobile and server technologies. She joined StoreGene team to lead work on enhancing the Storegene algorithm and its integration across healthcare providers.

Mahmoud Barbir (Consultant Cardiologist)

Dr Barbir is a consultant cardiologist at the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and senior lecturer at Imperial College London. He specialises in coronary artery disease, familial hypercholesterolaemia and has a special interest in cardiovascular risk detection, diagnosis and management.

Chris Weston (CTO)

Chris is a technology and growth adviser to several organisations having spent his career to date leading technology teams in businesses of varying sizes. A regular speaker, blogger and podcaster on disruptive technologies, he was recognised as one of the leading 100 technology leaders in the UK in 2016 by CIO Magazine.  

Contact Us

Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 6964 

Our Location

5 University Street 
Rayne Institute 
3rd Floor, CVG, UCL 
London, WC1E 6JF

Privacy & Confidentiality

All of the necessary client information StoreGene receives is treated with the greatest of care and sensitivity. Our privacy policy adheres to the Data Protection Act of 1998 which addresses the handling and storage of personal information. We work with healthcare professionals to securely transmit the required client information to carry out testing. We also limit access to that information to the fewest StoreGene employees possible.

The information StoreGene collects includes the clients medical history relevant to the StoreGene tests, including cholesterol levels and blood pressure, the minimum number of client identifiers to ensure robust traceability, and a biological sample (saliva or blood) from which genetic information will be retrieved.

Access to a client's identifiable information is limited to the client's physician and their support staff, and the StoreGene team members who prepare the client's report. Anonymised client information, which is untraceable back to the client, is accessed by our laboratory partner to carry out genetic testing.